Colours of Tasmania

My work with silk fibres

Varieties of silk yarn

Spinning silk is very different from spinning wool. The silk I have been experimenting with arrives as a top of fibre. I have spun it "off the fold" as recommended by a number of sources. Although it is difficult at first, the yarn is actually quite a joy to spin but I find that I need to cncentrate as any breaks are a lot more difficult to fix. Silk does not have the "cling " that you havve with woolbut the resulting yarn is smooth and lustrous.

I have spun the cultivated mulberry silk and tussah silk as well as recycled sari silk that I purchased from Feltfine. I plied the recycled sari silk with an extremely fine merino yarn for strength. These yarns will be used in my weaving.

Spun silks

Nuno felted silk scarves

Silk chiffon can be used as the fabric in NUNO Felting. These scarves are made with superfine merino onto the backing of silk chiffon. This allows you to create the look of felt but the scarves are extremely lightweight.

I will soon have a downloadable DVD tutorial available that shows how I make these scarves.

Nuno felted scarf Nuno felted scarf
Nuno felted scarf-detail Nuno felted scarf-detail Nuno felted scarf-detail Nuno felted scarf-detail

Eco Printed silk

This photo shows a cushion cover printed with eucalyptus leaves and casurina needles

Eco printed cushion cover

The next two images are of silk scarves printed with a variety of local leaves.

Eco printed scarf Eco printed scarf

For a lot more photos and information on the Eco printed scarves have a look at my Facebook page.