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Knitting patterns

Hand spun yarns are different from commercially spun yarn especially with respect to ply. My handspun is eithr a two ply or three play yarn. but will usually knit to either a commercial 8 ply or 5 ply pattern.

An easy way to check is to wind the yarn around a ruler and estimate the number of strands that cover two inches of the ruler. Keep the strands touching but not overlapping.

To estimate of the 'commercial 'ply equivalent of hand spun wool follow this link to this table

Remember that everyone knits differently and you may need to adjust your needle size if you plan to follow a commercial pattern

The following pattern for a lacy scarf is ideal if you are not an experienced knitter or new to handspun wool.

lace scarf pattern

This pattern can be worked in any size yarn and the needles I usually use are size 5mm.

This pattern works on a repeat of four stitches. I usually use 24 but you can make it wider if you wish. A fine yarn looks better with 28 but for a thicker yarn I would use only 20.

lace scarf detail

Lace pattern

Step 1. Cast on 24 stitches
Step 2. Knit 4 rows
Step 3 Knit 4 stitches, (Wool round needle, Knit two together, Knit 2) repeat to end of row.
Keep repeating the last row until you reach the length desired.
Step 4. Knit three rows in stocking stitch.
Step 5. Cast off loosely.

Come back soon as more patterns will be posted in a few days.